Last edited: February 14, 2005

Statement of Roger Moffatt, Capital Area Log Cabin, in Favor of Sodomy Law Reform

My name is Roger Moffatt. As President of Capital Area Log Cabin Clubs, I am here to speak in behalf of all of those members of the clubs who could not attend these proceedings. We urge this committee to report the bill repealing DC's anti-sodomy statute (22 DC Code 3502) to the full Council.

When enunciating the group for whom I speak, I include all members of the club, because the anti-sodomy statue affects all individuals regardless of their sexual orientation. According to various surveys, between 85 and 90 percent of heterosexuals freely admit to engaging in an act which the present statue makes a felony. I include all members because the statute applies to all, regardless of color. Some, here today will attempt to paint this as a racial issue which is a ludicrous assertion on its face. To engage in this painting is nothing more than patent issue avoidance, and I am sure Council will recognize it as such. The true issues are every person's right to privacy and equal protection, both of which are guaranteed under the United States Constitution.

Another consideration for the residents of DC to support the repeal is for economic reasons. Persons are much more likely to visit the city when there is no likelihood of their being harassed or even arrested for consenting to engage in an act of sodomy. Remember this include mom and pop from Nebraska. Some may consider this idea far-fetched, but let us not forget that boycotts may soon affect the few bastions of this egregious type of legislation otherwise known as anti-sodomy statues.

In closing, I implore you to strip away another stripe of bigotry and discrimination by reporting the anti-sodomy repeal statute to full Council.

Further, I wish to thank you for your time and close attention.

Submitted by:

Roger L. Moffatt
President—Capital Area Log Cabin Clubs
1301 Delaware Avenue, SW, Apt. 717
Washington, DC 20024

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