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ACLU Plans a New Suit to Overturn the Sodomy Law

Gay Blade, mid-July 1972

The American Civil Liberties Union needs six volunteer plaintiffs for a special test case of concern to the gay community. 

This will be a civil suit, not a criminal one.

The ACLU needs three people who have forfeited collateral or been convicted of non-commercial (non-prostitution) solicitation in D.C. for a "lewd and immoral purpose"; one person who has been arrested on such a charge and who has been nolle prossed (but not acquitted); and two who are willing to say that they have in the recent past and intend in the future to be in certain cruising areas of the city for the purposes of such solicitation.

If you are willing to volunteer, please call the Mattachine Society at 363-3881. You should take into consideration that your name could become public through the action, therefore closet cases need not apply.


At this point, the Gay Blade did not have headlines. The headline has been added for clarity and web navigation. -Bob Summersgill

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