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The Shocking Details of the Infamous Gesell Report (excerpt)

Congressional Record – House, August 8, 1963, 14616

[A long diatribe against the liberal press for failing to report on "the detailed record of all the Communist-front affiliations of members of the racist NAACP," and the communist infiltration of "the race-mixing movement" has been deleted here. The Gesell Report required military officers to oppose discrimination in the areas surrounding military bases.]

Mr. [Joe] Waggoner [D-Louisiana]. 

It was not for a lack of space that the Post did not mention the Gesell report this morning. They managed to find space in their editorial column for a lengthy editorial pleading the cause of homosexuals in the Capitol.

A subcommittee of the House is considering legislation today which will prohibit members of the Mattachine Society from soliciting funds for their organization. The Mattachine Society is an organization dedicated to the advancement of homosexuals.

The Washington Post pleads with its readers to protect the rights of these homosexuals and help understand them.

This, I suggest, is a queer attitude for a supposedly influential newspaper to take.

Ever since I came to Washington as a Member of this body, I have heard the Post referred to as the Com-Post by members of the press, by Members of both Houses and by the public at large.

Webster defines "compost" as a fertilizing mixture composed of peat, leaf mold, manure, and lime, mingled and decomposed.

For the edification of my colleagues, I include herewith the pleadings of the Post for us to protect the rights of the homosexuals in Washington. Imagine, if you can, the kind of editorial mind which considered this more important than our debate yesterday on the Gesell report.

[The Washington Post editorial was reprinted following these comments.]

Additional Information on Rep. Joe Waggonner

Rep. Joe Waggonner was arrested in Washington, D.C., 1976, for
soliciting a policewoman posing as a prostitute.

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