Last edited: February 14, 2005

Letter: Laws Unfairly Enforced

Democrat-Gazette, September 13, 1999
Box 2221, Little Rock, AR 72203
Fax 501-372-3908

What good is served by your paper printing the names and addresses of the men who were arrested for victimless misdemeanor sex charges?

I searched for other names and addresses of people arrested for misdemeanor charges but could find none. Was this just an amazingly crime-free week or is this just a biased approach to news reporting?

How many more men will kill themselves after you print their names in your paper? This has happened in Little Rock in the not too distant past.

In the interest of fair news reporting, why don’t you tell the full story of how these sting operations work? Tell your readers how usually very handsome undercover officers are used to entice men who have sex with other men into compromising situations and then arrest them.

I do not support anyone having sex in public places, but the laws against such behavior are unfairly enforced. I see plenty of heterosexual couples engaged in some pretty heavy duty displays of public affection everywhere I go but have yet to see an officer, undercover or not, do anything to break them up.

The next time I see some of the frat boys hanging out their car windows yelling and screaming vulgarities at young women walking down the street, I want them arrested for soliciting deviant sexual acts, and I want your paper to print their names and addresses.

-- Michael Oglesby, Fayetteville

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