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Supreme Court Decision Nullifies Utah’s Sodomy Law

KSL-TV, June 26, 2003

Salt Lake City—A Supreme Court decision that strikes down Sodomy laws effectively nullifies a Utah statute in favor of privacy, and has gay rights supporters cheering the decision as a victory. The case before the high court called into question how far states can go to regulate private acts between homosexual, and unmarried heterosexual adults.

The ruling reverses an earlier high court ruling, which said 17 years ago that there was no constitutional protection for homosexuality. Today, the ruling is seen as a victory by advocates of gay rights.

Michael Mitchell/Unity Utah: “I believe what this says is that all things considered, and all things being equal, gay and lesbian people are no different than anyone else. Our relationships matter.”

Gayle Ruzicka/Utah Eagle Forum: “Of course we’re very concerned about this ruling. Any time a ruling from the Supreme Court of the United States that doesn’t uphold morality, it’s of great concern to this country.”

Utah’s attorney general says he needs to study the high court opinion before he forms an opinion about what should happen to Utah’s sodomy law.

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