Last edited: November 23, 2003

Letter: Story Missed Important Point

Los Angeles Times, July 11, 2003
Times Mirror Square, Los Angeles, CA 90053
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Your story regarding the recent Supreme Court decision on the Texas sodomy case was anything but fair and balanced.

To have chosen only those with unfavorable views of homosexuality to speak against the decision showed the obvious bias of authors of the story. It is entirely possible to hold that the court’s decision was wrong while not believing that the practice of sodomy in the privacy of your own home between adults should be illegal.

If given the opportunity to vote I would cast my ballot to throw out laws regarding sodomy. But I believe that this was a bad decision. The court has once again invented a “right to privacy” that does not exist in the Constitution much as they did in inventing the concept that women had the right to abortion. These issues should be decided by our duly elected representatives, not five judges whom we did not elect and who never have to face the voters.

If the legislature in Texas wanted to pass a law that sodomy was illegal, let them do so. If the people of Texas don’t like the law they will vote the offending legislators out of office. Moral issues such as abortion and sodomy and gay marriage should be decided by the people, not five judges who will never have to face the wrath of the voters. We the people should be deciding issues of such moral significance to our country not some activist judges.

—Joyce Hoffman, Laguna Beach

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