Last edited: November 23, 2003

Letter: Anti-Gay Sentiment Is Unfounded

Los Angeles Times, July 11, 2003
Times Mirror Square, Los Angeles, CA 90053
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The Supreme Court’s wise decision granting equal right to gays and lesbian should be celebrated.

We are equal to anyone and have never, as Dan Huston intimated, asked for special rights—merely to be treated equally in all aspects of society. I had to laugh at first when I read of Huston’s ignorant rant that he saw many of his young players “recruited” by gay residents, then I felt sad for him.

Gays do not “recruit.” Homosexuality is a born trait, much like eye color and hair color. As to his assertion that “it lessens morals and social guidelines” I was puzzled. Does divorce strengthen morals? Does pretending to be something you are not strengthen society? There is no place in modern society for such homophobia and bigotry. Does Huston also believe that African Americans should still live in bondage?

Lastly I did have to laugh out loud when Huston called Laguna Beach “headquarters for the gay community.” If he is so offended and is afraid of being “recruited,” why doesn’t he simply move? I and many friends will gladly offer to help him move to a more homophobic area where his prejudice will be welcomed.

—Skip Houston, Laguna Beach

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