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Stop Judging Homosexuals

The Plain Dealer, July 25, 2003
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In response to the letters to the editor by Ronald Eureka and the Rev. David Baugh (July 13) regarding the Supreme Court’s decision overturning Texas’ sodomy law:

Jesus taught us to love, respect and accept one another in the spirit of humility and openness. I find it positively frightening that, when it comes to gays and lesbians, the religious right espouses an entirely different gospel—one of oppression, fear, double standards, judgmental self-righteousness, denial, scapegoating and outright contempt.

I think it’s important to remember that Christ was crucified by the moral majority. Numbers mean nothing when it comes to real truth. Nor do endless histrionics about the “danger” gays pose to the American family.

Heterosexuals have only themselves to blame for the current state of the American family (50 percent divorce rate, rampant spousal and child abuse, deadbeat dads, poverty, crime, substance abuse, materialism run amok, etc.). Pointing fingers at the gay community makes as much sense as Hitler pointing at the Jews to explain away Germany’s social and economic woes before World War II.

Believe it or not, lesbians and gays are quite capable of maintaining committed, loving relationships. All we want is the freedom to love each other in a truly integrated, honorable—and honored—way. Is that really so hard to understand?

—David A. Debick, Euclid

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