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Save Traditional Marriage

Seattle Times, July 20, 2003
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By Hans Zeiger, NEXT columnist

Every time the U.S. Supreme Court applies the invisible right to “privacy” from the Fourteenth Amendment, it damages God-given rights. In Roe v. Wade, the court invented a woman’s “right to choose” to kill her offspring. And now with Lawrence v. Texas, hot off the government printing press is the brand new “right” to sodomy.

I do appreciate privacy, but even if the Constitution does protect privacy, it does not protect rights to murder, steal, cheat or conspire to commit terrorist acts in private.

Much of what is done in private has very public consequences. An accelerated dismantling of the traditional family structure that is the objective of the radical homosexual agenda is one such consequence of the new right to sodomy.

I couldn’t care less about what consenting people do in their bedrooms. I do care when the U.S. Supreme Court uses the force of judicial law to accommodate homosexual special interests and thus inflicts damage on the American family.

The family is the indispensable cornerstone, foundation and roof of any society. It is impossible to sustain civilization without the healthy maintenance of the two-parent, heterosexual family structure. That means that a man and a woman are in a committed marriage relationship and are willing to give birth to, raise and nurture children.

That definition of the family is not limited to a perfect society—America has always celebrated the traditional family.

Today, the threats to the family come from more than just the U.S. Supreme Court granting rights to engage in anti-family behaviors. Divorce, domestic violence, infidelity, workplace demands and various cultural influences lead to the breakup of too many families.

But if Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia’s predictions about the consequences of the new right to sodomy prove correct, gay marriage will become a more destructive force to the American family than anything else.

The coming months will set the stage for an intense battle between the family and its well-armed enemies.

One homosexual activist who organized a rally in Fairbanks, Alaska, the day of the Supreme Court sodomy ruling told me he predicts the following: an increased number of people will “come out”; the homosexual-rights movement will increase in strength and financial backing; and the ruling will “soften resistance on other gay-rights initiatives.”

The radical left is now formulating an effective strategy to conquer the family. A new American Civil Liberties Union campaign called “Get Busy, Get Equal” aims to work in the courts, city council chambers, state legislatures and school boards to integrate the homosexual agenda into classrooms, add sexual orientation and gender identity to non-discrimination codes, and legalize gay marriage.

Homosexual activists say they worked for years to get to the Supreme Court so they don’t have to worry about Big Brother invading their homes at night. Today, the radical gay movement is working in overdrive to become Big Brother so that it can invade not only the family home, but our Boy Scout troops, our schools, our churches, our businesses, our hearts and our minds.

Before it is too late, families must fight back against the imposition of the homosexual agenda. It is time to amend the Constitution to protect the sacred covenant of marriage. A Federal Marriage Amendment would define marriage as “only of the union of a man and a woman.” Congress and state legislatures must gear into action to pass a Federal Marriage Amendment within the next year.

If we don’t protect the family, we can say goodbye to our civilization.

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