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Court Ruling Is Wrong

Omaha World-Herald, July 19, 2003
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The recent U.S. Supreme Court ruling that a Texas sodomy law is unconstitutional is totally unacceptable. Those with the authority to make decisions of that magnitude should be standing up for the principles this country was founded on and not what a select few in the general public feel.

Justice Antonin Scalia hit the point well in saying that we are turning our backs on family values and what this country was founded on and around—God. This country and its Constitution were founded not on what a select few in the general public thought but around religion and God.

I would be very proud to support a constitutional amendment that would ban same-sex marriages. If same-sex couples want to get married, they should go to Canada and stay there. This country has turned its back on God and the Bible for way too long.

—Nathan Loomis, McCook, Neb.

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