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Excerpts from the 2000 Iowa Republican Platform

As proposed*

1. We believe in retaining the moral absolutes that our Founding Fathers derived from Holy Scripture as the principle foundation embodied in our Constitution.

7. We believe that good government is based on recognizing and supporting each person’s ability, dignity, freedom and responsibility for their actions.

10. We oppose the teaching of homosexual behavior as a normal or acceptable lifestyle in our government schools.

12. We oppose the use of executive orders to circumvent the law making process or to advance a political agenda.

13. We demand that Iowa not recognize same sex civil unions regardless of where they are performed.

Human Rights and Services
1. We believe that all citizens have equal protection under the law and that granting special status or privileges to defined groups is unnecessary and unwise.

8. We believe sodomy sex acts, which were illegal prior to 1977, should again be made criminally illegal acts in Iowa and nationally.

10. We support rescission of the designation of AIDS as a disability.

11. We believe that AIDS should be classified as a communicable disease and treated as such under current law. We favor requiring reporting of AIDS carriers, felony prosecution of any carrier who willfully exposes or endangers another person. We support mandatory reporting for AIDS and HIV viruses of all health care professionals and support patient access to the results of those tests. Further, we support the right of all health care professionals to have knowledge of the AIDS/HIV status of their patients prior to providing medical services.

14. We oppose any legislation or executive order granting rights, privileges, or status for persons based on sexual orientation.

16. We favor spousal benefits for legal, monogamous, heterosexual marriages only.

Law Enforcement and Criminal Justice
4. We support the repeal of state and federal hate crimes legislation.

National Defense and Foreign Policy
4. We believe homosexuality is incompatible with military service.


* These excerpts were taken from the proposed platform as posted to the website of the Republican Party of Iowa. The actual platform was adopted on June 10, 2000 but has not been posted to the website. 

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