Last edited: January 22, 2005

Bills Would Extend Waiting Time for Divorce, Add Adultery Penalty

Associated Press, January 13, 2005

ATLANTA—Lawmakers are pushing bills that would make spouses seeking a divorce wait longer and punish those who commit adultery by causing them to lose their rights to marital property.

A Senate bill introduced yesterday would extend the waiting period for divorce from 30 days to six months for an uncontested divorce of a couple with children; the wait would be extended to four months if no children were involved. The bill is being introduced by state Senator Mitch Seabaugh—a Republican from Sharpsburg.

A similar bill was approved in the Senate last year but died in the House. The divorce bill has a good chance of passing this year with Republicans in control of the House.

In the House, state Representative Nikki Randall—a Macon Democrat—filed a bill that would prohibit people seeking a divorce from receiving any marital property if they had committed adultery.

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