Queer Heroes NW 2014:

Sparky Lindsay

Sparky has been an essential and driving force behind the Portland Lesbian Choir.  

Sparky LindsayShe was a founding member and has been an inspirational organization leader who has devoted years of her life insuring its success and vitality. She was there when the choir was 100 members strong and was the person instrumental in keeping it alive when in 2005, the choir dropped to only 6 members, had no director and nearly folded.  

Sparky’s vision and countless hours of personal efforts led the choir through those lean years. She understands what it takes to protect a non-profit organization and to sustain it.  

Because of her leadership, years of service and commitment to the Choir's ideals of inclusion, the Choir survived and continues today as a vibrant, strong, diverse community organization. It exists as a beacon for individuals who are coming out, and as a catalyst for political enlightenment and change through music. Sparky brought in new members, new direction, long range vision and helped grow sustainable leadership. The Portland Lesbian Choir is now thriving and is truly a gem in the Portland LGBTQ Community.  

The choir provides a creative outlet, a group identity, a social lifeline, and a way to give back to the community where the gift of music reaches out across all social boundaries. Everybody is better off because there is a Portland Lesbian Choir, and without Sparky, there would be no choir.  

Sparky is the hero of many who have found inspiration, joy, community and especially friendships through music. 


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