Last edited: July 11, 2004

‘Mugabe’s Spokesman is Gay’

New Zimbabwe, June 23, 2004

By Staff Reporter

Zimbabwean President Robert Mugabe’s spin doctor is gay, according to sensational new claims by a former adviser and international spokesman for Mugabe’s regime.

Dr David Nyekorach Matsanga said he had obtained fibres from Moyo’s hair which had been scientifically tested and proved that Jonathan Moyo, Mugabe’s Information Minister, had female hormones.

Mugabe has recently been attacking gays whom he blames for Africa’s ills. He has also described them as “worse than pigs and dogs”. If allegations against Moyo are proved to be true, it will be a major embarrassment for Mugabe, coming after the high profile resignation of the chief executive of the state broadcaster after being found to be gay last year.

Moyo has previously attacked gays, saying it was only British politicians who saw being gay as a way of getting votes. He has, however, not reacted to suggestions that he is gay himself.

“I got all the samples of his hair from his own house,” Matsanga said in a statement released to international media on Wednesday afternoon. “I took private forensic tests on Moyo’s samples of hair and samples of his cloth, and tests were carried out by Professor friends of mine in a London hospital. The purpose of those hair samples was to match with the data of those already confirmed as homosexuals which showed 94% of hormones matching that of Moyo’s cells as female gay.”

Matsanga had a mighty fall-out with Moyo after he orchestrated a Sky News television interview with President Robert Mugabe, strongly opposed by Moyo who at some point ordered the news crew’s deportation.

Days later, Matsanga was manhandled and claims to have been robbed by Moyo’s agents deployed at the Harare international airport before being deported back to Britain.

Matsanga went on: “The biological specimen strata in Moyo hate women naturally and that explains the beating and cruel punishments to his plastered housewife.”

In a telephone interview with New, Matsanga said he had obtained evidence that Moyo was constantly beating up his wife. Late last year, police were called to Moyo’s hotel in Johannesburg, South Africa, after his wife bolted from their room crying and frantically waving to hotel staff to call in the cops.

Matsanga also promised a “tremor and earthquake” in his war with Moyo, vowing to “bring total isolation to the whole government of Zimbabwe.”

“As a result of the negative postures and the bad blood that the blood-thirsty gay rant Moyo has exhibited against me, I have decided to embark on the first phase of a full scale combative action that will embarrass those who act as his insulators,” said Matsanga.

The Herald’s shadowy columnist Nathaniel Manheru, whom Matsanga claims is Moyo, also came under heavy attack. Matsanga said the use of the word “Kwaheri”, Swahili for “go well”, in the Nathaniel Manheru column which appears every Saturday suggested the writer was Moyo because he had lived in Kenya where Swahili is spoken.

He said he was also investigating claims that Moyo bribed a judge in Kenya to influence the outcome of a case in which he is accused of defrauding the American Ford Foundation of millions of dollars.

Matsanga also says Moyo might have fallen foul of Zimbabwe’s corruption laws which bar the externalisation of foreign currency through the acquisition of a R7 million mansion in Johannesburg. The mansion has since been auctioned to recover debts.

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