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84% Reject Homosexuals

Africa News, September 29, 1999

New Vision (Kampala) — Eighty-four per cent of Kampala residents do not want homosexuality legalised, a New Vision opinion poll on sexual behaviours has revealed.

The survey done last Friday, Saturday and Sunday, revealed that 23% of the city residents know at least one homosexual. Fourteen per cent want the practice legalised while 2% are undecided.

According to the survey, 64% of the residents do not want prostitution legalised, 33% endorse it, while 3% are undecided.

Twenty-seven per cent want defilers killed, 15% want them castrated, while 28% recommend life imprisonment, the survey revealed. Seventeen per cent suggest less than seven years imprisonment, while 12% want them counselled.

The survey done for The New Vision by team led by Bennet Kizito, a statistician, covered 505 male and female respondents of all age groups and educational standards as a representative sample.

They were found in offices, business premises, streets and residences in the city centre, Wandegeya, Makerere, Mulago, Nakawa, Ntinda, Bukoto, Rubaga, Kasubi, Mengo, Nakulabye, Namirembe, Makindye, and Nsambya. The media recently carried reports of gay marriages in Kampala and the defilement of a three-month old baby by a 20-year-old man.

The respondents were asked whether they think homosexuality or prostitution should be legalised. They were also asked what punishment they recommend for defilers, among five options.

Sympathy for both prostitution and homosexuality was higher among men than among women. Forty per cent of the male respondents and 26% of the females wanted prostitution legalised. On homosexuality, 17% of the males and 10% of the females wanted it legalised.

Female respondents, however, preferred harsher punishment for defilers.

Whereas 24% of the females wanted defilers castrated, only 8% of the males agreed with them. Twenty-nine per cent of females and 25% of the males wanted defilers killed. Of the 14% who want homosexuality legalised, the majority have secondary school education. Twenty-one per cent of those with O-Level education and 14% of those with A’Level education said homosexuality should be legalised. Thirteen per cent of those with primary education, and 10% of those with tertiary education agreed. But none of the illiterate respondents wanted homosexuality legalised.

President Yoweri Museveni on Monday ordered the arrest and prosecution of homosexuals, saying it was an imported Western practice unacceptable in Uganda. The poll was conducted over the weekend before Museveni spoke.

The illiterate respondents, however, showed overwhelming support for prostitution, with 67% wanting it legalised. Only 30%, 32%, 43%, and 19% of those with tertiary, A-Level, O-Level, and primary education said prostitution should be legalised.

The illiterate respondents also opted for tougher punishment for defilers, with 33% saying the defilers should be killed. Another 33% said defilers should be castrated, but none said they should be counselled.

Comparatively, 16% of the respondents with tertiary education wanted defilers counselled. 19% wanted them executed and 42% imprisoned for life.

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