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Arrest Homos, Says Museveni

Africa News, September 28, 1999

New Vision (Kampala) — President Museveni has directed the Police to arrest homosexuals and charge them in the courts.

"I have told the CID to look for homosexuals, lock them up and charge them," Museveni said while opening a three-day Eastern and Southern Africa regional workshop for parliamentarians on reproductive health, rights and legislation.

"For those who want to lower the age of consent from 18 years will face my opposition," he said amid clapping and ululation.

The workshop, attended by participants from 19 African countries, is funded by the UNFPA and the Uganda Parliament and is aimed at reviewing legislation in the region to include reproductive health rights. Museveni’s remarks on homosexuals come three days after Kabaka Mutebi Friday condemned homosexuals, rapists, defilers and child sacrifice.

On September 10, Sebastian Walusimbi at Wandegeya, "married" Kanyiginya alias Joyce and held a party at Zura’s shop on Biashara street.

Another homosexual wedding was recently held at a bar near Nakivubo Guest House. Homosexuality is a crime in Uganda and carries a punishment of life imprisonment.

In his 30-minute address, often interrupted by deafening applause from an excited audience, Museveni said UN Conventions were made without involving African states "and therefore they are not universal to Africa."

He said Europeans have their values and cultures not applicable in Africa. He cited homosexuals who are allowed to freely demonstrate in Europe yet homosexuality in abominable in Uganda.

He caused laughter when he said, "Recently I was watching a demonstration of about 300,000 homosexuals in Europe and some politicians apologised for not participating in such great demonstration." He said he could not tolerate such abominable acts "because even the Holy Bible spells it out clearly that God created Adam and Eve as wife and husband but not men to marry fellow men, as it was the case in Wandegeya."

Museveni cautioned African legislators against assuming that Africa is over populated.

"I want to caution those against high population that you need a critical mass of people to be able to compete favourably in the fast growing world," Museveni stated.

He said Africa was colonised because of poor organisation of tribes and because it was depopulated.

"We must protect the health of mothers by not allowing early pregnancies, too close pregnancies, too many children and too late pregnancies but we must not confuse it with population because we need an optimal population in relation to resources," he said.

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