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Church Soft on Pro-Gay Bishop, Says Minister

The Monitor, May 20, 2001
Kampala, Uganda

By Henry Mukasa Nsubuga

Kampala — Buganda Kingdom Minister of Community Service, Kamala Kanamwangi, has blamed the Church of Uganda for not being emphatic enough in its condemnation of the pro-homosexuality Rtd. Bishop Christopher Sennyonjo.

"There has been talk about homosexuality and the Church hasn’t come out so strongly to condemn it," Kamala said.

He was speaking as a guest of honour at a function where Buganda Minister of Education and Sports, J.C Muyingo, met beneficiaries of the Kabaka Education Fund (KEF) yesterday. Kamala represented the Kattikiro of Buganda, Joseph Mulwanyammuli Semwogerere.

Although Kamala did not name anyone in his attack, it was apparent that we was referring to the retired Bishop of West Buganda Diocese, Dr. Sennyonjo, who has recently been at the centre of the gay debate in Uganda. The prelate was recently embroiled in a crusade for the gay.

Individual bishops of the Church of Uganda have condemned him at various fora. There has, however, not been any authoritative statement from the Church addressing the sticky issue.

The Minister lamented yesterday that there are many Church-founded schools "and failure to address the issue is reason to worry."

"The Church must come out and clear the air so as to ease the tension and worry created," he said.

Kamala said moral decay in Uganda has reached worrying levels and that parents should ignore the "its the children’s right talk" and address the situation.

He lamented the incident in Kibuye, a Kampala suburb, where a group of 30 youth were arrested while on a sex spree. The 30 were having sex in one room, in turns. Police descended on the group after a tip off and complaints from residents in the neighbourhood.

"And people line up for sex as if they are lining up for sugar? And after that they are given a small charge — idle and disorderly!" the minister exclaimed. He appealed to all the students supported by the Kabaka Education Fund to respect their culture and have good morals.

"You are privileged that its the Kabaka who pays your fees. Others just shake his hand and live to tell the story," he mused.

He hailed his colleague, J.C Muyingo, for his "stewardship" and delivered the Katikiro’s gratitude for his contribution to the promotion of education in the kingdom.

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