Last edited: November 30, 2004

Uganda Warns UN Not to Give Gays AIDS Information

By Newscenter Staff, November 30, 2004

Kampala—The government of Uganda has has issued a warning to the UN joint program on HIV/AIDS that it risks being thrown out of the country if it offers AIDS education to gays.

Information Minister James Nsaba Buturo accused UNAIDS and the Uganda AIDS Commission of holding “a secret meeting” with members of Uganda’s gay community.

Buturo said that any initiatives with gays would be a violation of Ugandan law. Homosexuality is illegal in the country and Buturo said that contacts with gays in which UNAIDS gave sexual advice would be a crime.

The government has recently called on police to crack down on homosexual activity.

Minutes of a “five-day East African Symposium on HIV/Aids and Human Rights” obtained by the Kampala newspaper The Observer show that the meeting held under the auspices of the Regional All Africa Initiative in September discussed ways to lobby for better access for health services for gays.

The symposium reportedly drew participants from Burundi, Ethiopia, Kenya, Rwanda, Tanzania, and Zimbabwe with resource persons from South Africa, Switzerland and Argentina.

The Uganda AIDS Commission has denied that it is developing a program aimed at men who have sex with men.

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