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  • Penalty: Death
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From the International Lesbian and Gay Association

"In 1983 a new penal code was promulgated; ostensibly it is based on the shari'a without adherence to any special school. Article 316 defines zina [fornication] as penetration with the penis (or part thereof) into the vagina or the anus of a person on whom one has no legal right to or as granting permission to someone without legal right to penetrate one's vagina or anus. For a muhsan [married man] capital punishment is described, for a gair muhsan [bachelor] 100 lashes.

The laws was seldom applied. No cases of executions for sodomy were reported prior to April 1985, when the government of an-Numairi was overthrown and these rules were temporarily put aside. Between September 1983 and April 1985 hundreds of men and women were lashed for "intended" unlawful heterosexual intercourse, but none, as far as is known, for Sodomy.

In February the military government of Hassan al-Basir reinstated shari'a law."

(Arno Schmitt and Jehoeda Sofer - "Sexuality and Eroticism Among Males in Moslem Societies")


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