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"Consensual homosexual behaviour between adults was decriminalised [in the former Czechoslovakia] in 1961. However, under the new Penal Code, some homosexual acts could still be punished. According to paragraph 244, if the sex was with a person of the same gender under 18 years of age (the age of consent for heterosexuals was 15), if a dependent person was exploited (e.g., as in a relationship between teacher and student or among soldiers of different rank), or if the sex was for money (with no distinction made between client and prostitute) then the punishment was 1-5 years imprisonment, higher than for similar heterosexual offences....

The latest legal change of the Penal Code concerning homosexual behaviour came in 1990 (Law 175/1990), when homosexuality and heterosexuality were treated equally. Paragraph 244 was excluded from the Penal Code, the age of consent became 15 years for homosexual and heterosexual behaviour, and homosexual prostitution was no longer regulated by the criminal law." (Ivo Prochazka - "Sociolegal Control of Homosexuality")


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