Last edited: November 06, 2004

Criminal Responsibility for Homosexual Activities Likely to Be Introduced in Russia

Vladimir Zhirinovsky believes that death penalty would be the most appropriate punishment

Pravda, October 5, 2004

Translated by Dmitry Sudakov

Deputies of the Russian parliament are pending a possibility to introduce criminal responsibility for homosexual activities. The law of Uganda, however, stipulates such responsibility already—adequate articles of the law are used in Uganda’s legal procedures.

A radio station in Uganda has been recently charged with propagandizing pederasty. Penalties were applied after the radio station broadcast an interview with a group of people of the unconventional sexual orientation. Journalists will have to pay a $1000 fine (which is quite a lot for this African country) for their liberties and publicly apologize to listeners for the moral damage.

A high-ranking official from Uganda’s television and radio administration stated that the program aired by the radio station in August contradicted to the morality and laws of the country. Uganda’s Minister for Information Nsaba Buturo supported the decision that had been made against the station. According to the minister, Ugandians must protect the God’s morality. A statement from Uganda’s television and radio administration ran that the radio station had violated the law about electronic mass media. The law bans broadcasting the information, which undermines moral principles of the society.

The homosexual individuals, who managed to express their opinion in the country, where homosexual love is legally banned, were luckier than the radio station. Minister Nsaba stated that they would not be either fined or persecuted. The authorities, the minister added, will do their best to prevent such incidents in the future, not to let homosexual activists propagandize their views in Uganda.

A similar situation is likely to occur in Russia, if State Duma deputies approve adequate amendments to the law. The last statement on the “homosexual matter” was released from the leader of the Liberal and Democratic Party of Russia, Vladimir Zhirinovsky. The politician urged the deputies to introduce death penalty for homosexual activities. Zhirinovsky suggested the idea at the Duma during a discussion pertaining to the introduction of criminal responsibility for pederasty. Vladimir Zhirinovsky disagreed with a group of deputies and stated that homosexuality was one of the most dangerous crimes. According to the LDPR leader, all homosexuals should be executed. “We can put an end to this perversion, this influence of the Western civilization,” said he.

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