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  • Statute:  Article 201 of the 1971 Penal Code
  • Penalty: 5 years
  • Restrictions:  


Article 201 of the 1971 Penal Code punishes sodomy between consenting adults (irrespective of sex) with up to five years imprisonment. (Schmitt and Sofer – "Sexuality and Eroticism among Males in Moslem Societies")

The Pink Book states that Sharia law is applied.

"In May an American citizen was sentenced to receive 90 lashes during a 6-month prison term for homosexual activity. However, the individual and his family rejected a pre-trial offer of expulsion without prison or lashes in the hope of being able to return ..." (USIS - Qatar Human Rights Practices, 1995)

In October 1997, some 36 gay Filipinos were reported deported (RW/2904)

In December 1997 the Manila daily, "Today" carried the following report (summarised): The Philippine Embassy in Qatar has reported to the Philippine government that the Qatari police are rounding up gay foreign workers and deporting them based solely on their sexual orientation. Although the number is unknown, it is increasing because of the Qatari government's firm resolve to rid their country of gay foreigners. It is feared that the crackdown might create a "domino effect" in neighbouring Arab countries, with Saudi Arabia in particular reported to be considering a similar policy. Male homosexual activity is punished with between five to ten years in prison. There were reports of suspected homosexuals being subjected to rectal examinations by the police to determine if they had engaged in anal sex.




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