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There is no offence of homosexual activity in Philippine law. Homosexual acts carried out in a public place could fall under "grave scandal" penalised by Article 200 of the Revised Penal Code (1983 Report of the Law Reform Commission of Hong Kong on Laws Governing Homosexual Conduct).

"There is actually no discrimination over criminal offenders in the Philippines. Everyone is punished for committing any form of crime regardless of sexual orientation." (Swedish Foreign Office/RFSL survey)

On 30 Sept 1997 the Philippines introduced a law allowing spouses and men to sue for rape. "Through this law we ensure that no woman - including wives - or man is subjected to sexual acts against her or his will" President Fidel Ramos said. The law reclassifies rape as a "public" crime which permits anyone to file a suit on behalf of a victim. The definition of rape is expanded to include oral and anal sex as well as insertion of objects into sexual organs. (RW, quoted in IB/4/97, page 31)


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