Last edited: July 14, 2004

Nepal Police Attack & Beat Gay Demonstrators, July 6, 2004

By Newscenter Staff

Kathmandu—Police in Kathmandu, the capital of Nepal rushed a peaceful demonstration of gays seeking equal rights beating the protestors and dispersing the crowd.

The demonstration, in front of the Himalayan nation’s Parliament, the Singha Durbar, had been organized by the Blue Diamond Society, a gay rights group.

The protestors had gathered to submit a petition to the Prime Minister calling for an end to laws against gay sex and for civil rights.

Police guarding the building told the group the Prime Minister was gone for the day and that the building was closed. According to members of Blue Diamond the police then pulled out their billy clubs and began beating the group yelling that protests in front of Parliament was illegal.

Nepal has been rocked in recent months by a communist insurgence.

Blue Diamond has demanded a thorough investigation of violence against the sexual minorities by the police and other parties calling on the authorities to punish the perpetrators.

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