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  • Statute: Article 122.1
  • Penalty: Repealed
  • Restrictions:

From International Gay and Lesbian Association World Legal Survey

In June 1993 the Lithuanian Parliament abolished Article 122.1 Penal Code. This article (a remnant of the Soviet era), punished consensual male-to-male sex between adults with a penalty of up to three years imprisonment. Article 122.2 Penal Code, which criminalizes (with a penalty of 3 to 8 years' imprisonment) male-to-male sex involving violence, state of helplessness or dependence of one of the persons involved, and male-to-male sex with minors, with a penalty of 3 to 8 years imprisonment remains in force.

[The above confirmed by Ministry of Justice of the Republic of Lithuania, October 1997, in response to Swedish Foreign Office/RFSL survey]

In the period immediately prior to repeal, the law was still enforced:
"Since the Republic of Lithuania regained its independence on 11 March 1990, [and prior to reform of the law] seven men, including one minor, have been sentenced to 3 - 8 years imprisonment for male to male sex relations. Three were sentenced in 1990, four in 1991, and one is currently in the courts. One of the men found guilty was, at the time of his arrest, chair of the NGO Lithuanian Human Rights Committee. According to the Vilnius-based Lithuanian Gay and Lesbian Information Bureau his arrest was widely seen as political harassment of the Human Rights Committee. The minor was 17 years old at the time of sentencing. He is serving a three-year term" (ILGA bulletin 3/92 p. 20)


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