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  • Statute: Section 14.74: Voluntary Sodomy
  • Penalty: Misdemeanor.


From the ILGA World Survey

"Section 14.74, ‘VOLUNTARY SODOMY’ of the Penal Law provides that a person who engages in deviate sexual intercourse under circumstances not stated in Section 14.72 or 14.73 has committed a first degree misdemeanour.

Accordingly, Gays (homosexuals/lesbians) are individuals (males/females) who engage in deviate sexual intercourse with their sex mates or members of the opposite sex. Gay, being synonymous or close to Sodomy, is defined by the Penal Law of Liberia, as a deviate sexual activity and is therefore considered an offence under Liberian laws."

(The Status Of Gays In The Republic Of Liberia - Legal Aid Incorporated)

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