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From the ILGA World Survey

A message in July 2000 to ILGA confirms that a new criminal code which removed all discriminatory provisions was passed by the Georgian parliament on 22 July 1999 and entered into force on 1 June 2000.

An earlier message gave more details of the (then) proposed new law:

"A new draft criminal code is currently being debated in the Parliament. It has passed its second reading and is awaiting the third (probably at the end of July). Some delay can be expected as the bill is controversial. However, there seems to be no controversy regarding the new provisions relating to homosexuality. The new bill decriminalises homosexuality and imposes an age of consent for both hetero and homo sex of 16." (Message to ILGA dated 1 July 1999)

"As to the Criminal Code, the new version doesn't prohibit (although doesn't overtly permit either) sexual intercourse between consenting adult gays/lesbians, i.e. persons over 16." (Message to ILGA Europe dated 23/6/00)

The previous legislation of Georgia followed the corresponding Section 121 from the Former Soviet Union, which only specifically criminalized "buggery" (anal intercourse between men). Lesbian and non-penetrative gay sex between consenting adults was not explicitly mentioned in the law as being a criminal offense. (PB)

Survey of Georgian legislation in relation to LGBT issues


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