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German LGBT Group Lobby Egyptian Travel Companies Over Gay Persecution U.K., March 29, 2002

The LGBT arm of Amnesty International in Germany have lobbied the Egyptian travel industry over the countryís persecution of gays.

The group gave out leaflets at a gala event given by Egyptair and the Egyptian Tourist Board in Berlin to promote the country, explaining how gays are being wrongly arrested, imprisoned and tortured.

"On every face a smile" is the new caption for the Egyptian Tourist Board. Amnesty International used the same caption on its pamphlets, only the photo showed the fear in the eyes of young defendants behind the bars of the cage in the Cairo courtroom over the "Queen Boat" case where 23 gay men were sentenced to prison last year for being homosexual.

A representative of Egyptair, who asked not to be named, told the human rights group that it had three homosexuals working in its office in Germany. He admitted if they were in Cairo they would probably lose their jobs and go to jail.

Another spokesman of the airline, who also asked not to be named, told a German journalist from "We want no gay tourists in Egypt, and we are happy when they donít come!"

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