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Laws in the Caribbean

White = Legal        Red = Illegal


Countries with information gathered for this site:
Bahamas    Barbados    Cayman Islands    Cuba    Jamaica    Puerto Rico    St Lucia


Country Lesbian Gay Male Maximum Penalty
Antigua & Barbuda Legal Legal
Netherlands Antilles Legal Legal
Aruba Legal Legal
Bahamas Legal Legal
Barbados Illegal Illegal Unknown
Bermuda Legal Legal
Cayman Islands Legal Legal
Cuba Legal Illegal 1 Year
Dominican Republic Legal Legal
French Guyana Legal Legal
Grenada Legal Illegal Unknown
Guyana Legal Illegal Life
Haiti Legal Legal
Jamaica Legal Illegal 10 years / hard labor
Martinique Legal Legal
Puerto Rico (USA) Legal Legal
Saint Kitts and Nevis Not available Not available
Saint Lucia Illegal Illegal 25 years
Surinam Legal Legal
Trinidad and Tobago Illegal Illegal 10 years
Turks and Caicos Islands Legal Legal