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  • Statute: Section 175, repealed 1994
  • Penalty:  
  • Restrictions:  

From the International Lesbian and Gay Association

Section 175 Penal Code used to prohibit homosexual activity between men with a penalty of up to 10 years' imprisonment. Attempted homosexual contacts could be punished with up to 5 years' imprisonment under this provision.

"a domestic lobbying effort has been initiated by a Bermudian gay and lesbian group to bring about the repeal of section 175 of the Bermuda Criminal Code... An underground network of Bermudian citizens and residents are currently circulating a petition calling for the repeal which they will deliver in Feb. to the Premier of Bermuda as well as to the United Kingdom’s Foreign Secretary Douglas Hurd. The activists are also preparing a complaint that will be filed with the United Nations Commission on Human Rights." (ILGA bulletin 1/93 p. 6)

26-May-94 Bermuda: Bermuda’s House of Assembly voted 22-16 May 16 to legalize sex between men over age 18. The measure now advances to the Senate. Debate on the bill lasted over 14 hours. Legislator John Stubbs, a member of the ruling party, introduced the measure, saying banning gay sex infringes on human and privacy rights. Other legislators said gay sex is un-Christian and wrong. Prime Minister John Swan cast his vote against decriminalization. (RW/723)

It seems that this legislation was also passed by the Senate - a written reply to a Parliamentary Question dated 22 March 1999 does not include Bermuda amongst the British "dependent territories" where homosexuality is still illegal.


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