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  • Statute: Section 119.1, Repealed 1994


From the International Lesbian and Gay Association

The Belarus Lambda League reports that Belarus legalized gay sex on March 1, 1994. 

"Sexual contacts for [lesbian] women in Belarus are conditionally considered legal in the age from 14 to 18. This is defined by court experts in sexual crime cases depending on the level of a girl’s sexual maturity. 

Sexual contacts for [gay] men are considered legal upon attaining majority only, or since 18. The law does not specifically refer to homosexuality apart from the provision set forth by the above mentioned Article 119-1 of the Criminal Code of Belarus which deals with criminal prosecution of men who constrained another man to sexual contacts forcedly, or the same action committed towards a minor (seduction of a person under 18), or using their service position. This provision stipulates punishment with prison term of up to eight years. Article 119 of the Criminal Code of Belarus reiterates entirely other provisions of the Criminal Code of Belarus which deal with sexual rape, or a seduction of minors."

The old law inherited from the days of the Soviet Union, Section 119.1, had criminalized anal intercourse between consenting male adults, even in private, with a penalty up to 5 years’ imprisonment." ( "The Status of Sexual Minorities in Belarus" )


Two Belarusians, Slava Bortnik (right) with Slava Sementsov, at EuroPride in London with the "historic" Belarus flag.
(photo: UK Gay News)

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