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Money Needed for the Sodomy Case in Texas

Gay Blade, June, 1970

The sodomy case in Tex. that we mentioned in the Feb. Blade is headed for the Supreme Court, where it must be heard because of the nature of its court history.

Money is needed to pay for printing of documents and other court costs—the lawyers are working without fees.

Defendant Buchanan needs around $1500, so please send in your checks. Since the court must hear it, the case decision could be a landmark one. Mail money directly to the principle lawyer, Henry J. McCluskey Jr., Atty. and Counsellor-at-Law, United Fidelity Bldg. Suite 803, 1025 Elm St. Dallas, Tex. 75202.

Please send in money—this could be the really big one!


At this point, the Gay Blade did not have headlines. The headline has been added for clarity and web navigation. -Bob Summersgill

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