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Group Asks Judge To Halt Gay, Lesbian Adoptions

San Antonio Express News, May 4, 1999
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Jim Vertuno, Associated Press

AUSTIN - Lawyers for a conservative legal group asked a judge Monday to order the state to stop letting gay and lesbian people adopt children or provide them foster homes.

The Plano-based Liberty Legal Institute, which focuses on family and constitutional issues, filed the motion on behalf of Rebecca Bledsoe, a Child Protective Services supervisor who said she was demoted after removing a 3-year-old boy from a lesbian couple’s home in Dallas two years ago.

Bledsoe, a Child Protective Services caseworker, is suing to return to her supervisory position.

The request was filed with state District Judge Bill Rhea in Dallas, said Bledsoe’s attorney, Roger Evans. The judge didn’t immediately rule.

Child Protective Services has a duty to place children in law-abiding homes, Evans said. Homosexual sodomy is against the law - although rarely enforced - in Texas.

Texas has no policy concerning an adoptive or foster parents’ sexual orientation, and the request essentially asks the judge to force the state to adopt one, Evans said.

"It’s not particularly intrusive to question about homosexual conduct in the context of inquiry about pedophilia, or past sexual abuse. It’s just another question," Evans said. "We’re asking the court to interpret the law in the interest of the children of Texas."

Bledsoe said she thinks placing children into a gay or lesbian household is never appropriate.

The role-modeling of a married couple "is what is considered normal," Bledsoe said. " We should make every effort to place a child with a married man and woman, and our agency does not make that effort."

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