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Letter: Adoption Proposal Invasion of Privacy

Express-News, January 11, 1999
Box 2171, San Antonio, TX 78297-2171

State Rep. Warren Chisum of Pampa proposes legislation that would prohibit homosexuals from adopting or fostering children, even if the child is a blood relative.

Chisum does not want homosexuals to "influence" Texas children. Even though the state Department of Human Services statistics show that more than 80 percent of child abuse is inflicted by heterosexuals, he doesn't want homosexuals to have any contact with children.

Do those statistics mean that heterosexuals should not adopt or foster children? Of course not. It only means that sexual orientation has no bearing on parenting.

Surveys from the Child Welfare League of America and state and federal certified teaching materials for psychologists show that the sexual orientation of the parent does not determine the sexual orientation of the child.

Gays won't be the only victims of this law. If you're straight and want to adopt a child, you must be "identified" as a heterosexual.

But wait. What about your family members? Are any of them gay? What about your co-workers? Any gay people there?

What if the investigator perceives you as too gay-friendly? Could that prevent you from adopting or fostering a child?

This proposed legislation is based on a sodomy law that was declared unconstitutional in 1993. It will cost more than $8 million in the first year and does nothing to address the 44,000 already abused and/or neglected children in this state.

Do fair-minded Texas (who are the majority) deserve hate legislation that invades their privacy?

-- Alma Jean Jackson, Fort Hood

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