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Letter: Homosexual foster parents

Fort Worth Star Telegram, January 8, 1998
P. O. Box 1870, Fort Worth, TX 76101
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Should gay and lesbian couples be allowed to act as foster parents? The answer is a clear-cut "no" for Rebecca Bledsoe, caseworker with Child Protective Services.

Bledsoe recently ordered a 3-month-old child removed from the foster home of a lesbian couple because of their sexual orientation. According to Bledsoe, Texas' anti-sodomy law left her with no recourse but to remove the child because the lesbian couple's relationship constituted "criminal sexual conduct." Bledsoe stated that workers with CPS were "ignoring [the] law because they didn't think it was right" and that she was simply upholding the law to protect the interests of foster children.

Bledsoe is reportedly seeking to force CPS to adopt a formal policy against placing any children with gays and lesbians. If CPS does not issue such a policy, then she has vowed to taker her battle to the courts.

I support Bledsoe's effort to get CPS to adopt a formal policy regarding placement of children with gays and lesbians. The policy should state that an abused or neglected child who is in need of foster services be placed with the best family available -- one that could provide love, structure and stability. The policy should specifically state that the selection of a family for placement of a child would be based upon the above criteria and not upon the couple's sexual orientation, religious affiliation or race.

Bledsoe expressed the belief that removing the foster child from a family whose sexual orientation is different from her own was "the right decision." The "right decision" is to offer the most qualified and willing families the opportunity to act as foster parents. Abused and neglected children deserve nothing less.

-- Jim Roaten, Fort Worth

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