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Two Letters in Favor of Repeal of Texas' Sodomy Law

Austin American-Statesman, July 30, 2002
Box 670, Austin, TX 78767
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Letter: More Intolerance

There is always a group of people who hate and feel that it is their moral duty to promote ignorance and intolerance. Throughout history there have been unjust laws created to keep minorities from feeling as though they have the equal rights of those around them.

Women weren’t allowed to vote or own land or hold certain jobs, African Americans were not allowed to drink from the same fountains as white people and Jewish people dealt with intolerance. Homosexuals are the final whipping boy for those who need to concentrate their ignorance and fear of anything that is different from them.

The sodomy law is a joke, one that is ignored and violated by thousands of Texans each day. It makes a mockery of our legal system and serves as a reminder that there are still those that feel that not all are created equal.

—Christopher Leto, Austin


Letter: Hard to Defend

As a native Texan who left my beloved state for a job in Indiana two years ago, I am often called upon to explain or defend all things Texan.

With regard to the "homosexual conduct law," what is there to say when we Texans lag behind the likes of Arkansas, Mississippi and Alabama on this issue? One word does come to mind—shameful.

—Jeffrey Garrett, Fort Wayne, Ind.


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