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Thousands of Gays Expected in Rhea County on Saturday

But Little Interest Sparked for Sponsors, Vendors

The Chattanoogan, May 3, 2004
Chattanooga, TN
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As many as 3,500 homosexuals and lesbians from across the country are expected in Dayton on Saturday for “Rhea County Gay Day.”

There has been a large amount of press interest in the event, including a front-page article Sunday in the Nashville Tennessean headlined “Vote On Gays Brings Dayton New Infamy.”

However, organizers are having trouble finding sponsors or vendors.

Those putting on the Gay Day say they still are short some $5,000 for expenses, and there has been very little interest by vendors.

Gay Day Rhea County T-shirts are available, however.

The event, to be held at Dayton City Point Park at Highways 27 and 30, was concocted after the Rhea County Commission votedand then quickly rescindeda gay ban in the county.

Planned activities include speakers and sporting events, including a volleyball tournament. There will also be boating and baseball.

A highlight is set to be a June Griffin impersonator contest. Mrs. Griffin is a Rhea County resident who is outspoken against gay causes.

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