Last edited: April 18, 2004

Rhea County’s Antics Give State a Bad Name

Knoxville News-Sentinel, April 11, 2004,1406,KNS_363_2795740,00.html

This week the News-Sentinel ran an article about the Tennessee Comptroller’s Office study which found that 53 percent of Tennessee’s adults read at a level of one or two out of a possible five, where a level-one reader could not read a street map or figure postage.

After seeing the news coverage of the Rhea County Commission’s debacle regarding the persecution of homosexuals, I can’t help wondering how much these stone casters contributed to that percentage.

Thanks, guys. Your ignorance put Tennessee in the national headlines back in 1925 and now you’ve done it again.

The county attorney, Gary Fritts, says it all. “I’ve never seen nothing like it.”

William Gibbs McAdoo said it better, “It is impossible to defeat an ignorant man in argument.”

K. R. Redmond


Marriage Not Necessary to Demonstrate Love

Regardless of what attitude you have regarding the advisability of calling a union of homosexuals a marriage, you should be aware that the argument that those who oppose it are preventing people from showing love is a ridiculous argument.

Jesus teaches that we are even to love our enemies. He does not teach that we have to be married to the enemy in order to love him or her and show it.

T. Pierce Brown
Cookeville, Tenn.

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