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Tavares Touts Bank Experience

Providence Journal, November 4, 1998

By Katherine Gregg

[Tavares was a state senator and then ran for General Treasurer (an elected statewide office) and won after not only voting to repeal the sodomy law but having his vote publicized here. – Tina Wood]


He has also broken ranks with some in his Catholic church. "I am very, very much pro-life. But there are pro-life people to the extreme right of that issue that would like to hang me because I voted for gay rights and I voted to (repeal) the sodomy law."

THESE VOTES say more about the way he approaches issues than his qualifications for state treasurer. "When I read the gay rights legislation, I said, ‘One, if you are gay and you work someplace and you are doing your job, you shouldn’t be fired solely (because) you were gay. Two, if you wanted to (rent) or buy a house and you met all of the criteria everyone else would have to meet, you should not be denied that housing solely by virtue that you were gay.’"

He took heat, but remains adamant on this issue. "No one should be discriminated against. My church does not promote discrimination on that basis, and my God, though I never met him, I believe strongly he does not discriminate on that basis. So, to me that was a very clear-cut issue."

"Sodomy was a little more complex, but it came down to: you have two adults who, consenting, want to do whatever they want to do. Should it be permitted?. We can all debate, is it moral? I can have my own opinion, and you can have yours . . . But is it criminal? No."


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