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Letter: Ajello vs. Public Health

The Providence Journal-Bulletin, Letters, April 18,1998
75 Fountain St., Providence, RI 02902
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State Representative Edith Ajello, D-Providence, seems determined to to increase the spread of AIDS in Rhode Island. Her legislation to repeal the state's sodomy laws will accomplish just that.

Acts of sodomy are the primary means by which members of the homosexual community, the group most afflicted by the AIDS epidemic, contract the disease. Repealing the sodomy laws will in effect sanction, and consequently encourage, the behavior that allows HIV, the virus that causes AIDS, to be transmitted from one person to the next.

Representative Ajello must have a death wish for homosexuals. She wants to repeal what is for them the most important public health statue on the books. Edith Ajello is a foolish woman. Her proposed legislation is downright dangerous. It will casuse more disease and death in the homosexual community. It ought to be soundly rejected.

-- A. H. Liddle, Warwick

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