Last edited: November 23, 2003

Puerto Rico Asked to Enforce Antigay Law

The Advocate, May 21, 2002

A conservative Christian group on Monday urged Puerto Ricoís government to enforce a law against consensual gay sex on the Caribbean island. Though seldom enforced, Article 103 of the U.S. territoryís penal code outlaws sex between adults of the same sex. If it were followed, violators technically could face imprisonment of six to 12 years.

The Pentecostal Brotherhood of Puerto Rico made its plea during a news conference in support of the position of house president Carlos Vizcarrondo, who said recently that there isnít enough support in the legislature to amend the law, which was first adopted in 1902. "We completely agree that the law against this type of people should be fully exercised," said the Rev. Miguel Alverio, a Pentecostal minister and lawyer. He said the groupís position is based on "ethical principles" and "moral values." He said the Pentecostal Brotherhood would protest if necessary to oppose homosexuality and any attempt to amend the law.

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