Last edited: June 10, 2004

Candidates: Will Protect Homosexuals, Not Gay Marriage

Associated Press, June 10, 2004

SAN JUAN—The two main gubernatorial candidates announced that if elected they would not favor any initiative to support gay marriage, while their Puerto Rican Independence Party (PIP) counter gave the idea lukewarm reaction saying “he would push for the development of institutions for people that want to have nontraditional families.”

The PIP’s Ruben Berrios, the Popular Democratic Party’s (PDP) Anibal Acevedo Vila, and New Progressive Party’s (NPP) Pedro Rossello all pledged to work for the protection of homosexual couple’s intimacy.

“The respect for the dignity of homosexual couples should be the norm in Puerto Rico and I am committed to protecting their rights… as well as their right to have a domestic life. This will be part of my government plan,” said Acevedo Vila.

However, the PDP’s candidate said that “marriage is the union between a man and a woman. Those are the legal parameters and that shapes my views on marriage.”

Rossello, on the other hand, said “there most be an inalienable right to intimacy and there should be no discrimination against anyone for their sexual preference or conduct.”

“Nevertheless, marriage is a formal, social, and legal institution that supercedes intimacy rights,” said Rossello.

Berrios brought the discussion to the realm of political status saying “impendent of our individual stance, it is essential that we reject any decision imposed by the United States.”

“Any decision taken here on the matter will be subject to the approval of the United States”, added Berrios.

Berrios said the definition of family has changed and that government most reflect those changes in its policies and interpretation of the law.

Although he never actually came out in support of gay marriage, Berrios expressed that there must be a change in Puerto Rico’s institutions.

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