Last edited: December 20, 2004

North Carolina Pressed to Amend Sodomy Law

Datalounge, March 13, 2001

RALEIGH—Another attempt is being made to amend North Carolina’s sodomy statute which prohibits consenting adults, be they gay or straight, from engaging in oral or anal sex, the Greensboro News & Record reports.

The newspaper says that previous efforts to weaken or repeal the law have gone nowhere. Nevertheless, opponents of the law, who brand the statute as antiquated and puritanical, hope that by phrasing the issue as one of personal freedom rather than sexual freedom, they can make new headway.

"There is a basic right to privacy that this law violates," said Jo Wyrick of Equality NC, a lesbian and gay advocacy group. "I think most people take the attitude that what other people do in their own homes is their own business."

A measure introduced in the state Senate would exempt consenting adults from the law, as long as the acts are not for hire or done in public. But few think this will quiet conservative opposition against repeal.

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