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Letter: Higher Court Could Overturn Fatherly Advice

Wilmington Star, July 6, 2003
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In response to the June 29 column “Judgments in courts and from pulpits” by Miles Christian Daniels:

Mr. Daniels said we should all view what transpired in the Supreme Court in Washington on the Texas sodomy law as a step in the right direction. What direction is he referring to—Hell? If so, he is truly correct.

He has made it clear that no matter what Bible-believing people feel as the truth, God’s word no longer has a say in the matter.

Liberals have been trying for years to get their agenda through our courts and probably feel they have won one of the biggest fights of them all. Don’t count on it; you have to get by the highest judge of them all—God.

—Joy Fincannon, Rocky Point

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