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Letter: Ruling Is Appalling

Omaha World-Herald, July 9, 2003
World Herald Square, Omaha, NE 68102
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I am appalled at the recent U.S. Supreme Court ruling on homosexual behavior. Leftists and homosexuals have for decades actively sought out friendly courts and judges to forward their agenda.

By being receptive to a left-wing agenda, these jurists have blatantly circumvented the Constitution or simply fabricated constitutional rights. I believe the judicial system has time and again overstepped its bounds and the separation of powers.

No matter where you look in the Constitution or the record of the framers of the Constitution, no reasonable human can snatch homosexual rights out of thin air. Nor can he fabricate the right to abortion on demand.

Leftists have been allowed to run roughshod over the American people and the court system. It is time we elect courageous people to the Senate who will finally put a halt to judicial activism.

—Brian K. Conrad, Omaha

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