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Letter: Arrest Hurts Agency

Omaha World-Herald, April 4, 2002
World Herald Square, Omaha, NE 68102
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Nebraska was among the first states to develop a comprehensive education and service agency when the AIDS epidemic was developing, and many of us who have worked with HIV-infected individuals professionally and as volunteers have been proud to be associated with the Nebraska AIDS Project.

The recent arrest of the executive director of that agency (March 23 World-Herald) is disturbing to me as an openly gay man. To portray the agency as having an "outreach" program that includes the alleged groping of an undercover police officer in a public park setting is ludicrous and offensive. It only promotes the stereotype that gay men are sexual predators.

Promiscuity runs rampant in both the gay and straight communities these days. But an official of such an agency allegedly behaving in this manner, and portraying it as agency policy and practice, is totally unacceptable.

I trust that the NAP board will better define acceptable behavior for the leadership of that agency, whose work is still far from over and is needed even more today.

- Dean E. Pierce, Omaha

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