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Committee Hears Bill to Remove Law Against Same-Gender Sex

MSNBC, February 6, 1999

HELENA The Montana Supreme Court has struck down a law banning homosexual sex. Now a Billings lawmaker says it’s time to take the law off the books.

Democrat Joan Hurdle is the sponsor of House Bill 449, which was introduced today to the House Judiciary Committee.

The Legislature has rejected similar bills in the past. But this time Hurdle has the state’s high court to back her up.

The Montana Supreme Court ruled in 1997 that prohibiting sex between consenting adults violates the constitutional right to privacy.

Opponents urged the committee not to heed the Supreme Court’s ruling, and to keep the law on the books.

Bozeman resident Steve White told the committee he fears that removing the law, would encourage more gay men and lesbians to move to Montana.

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