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Missouri Prosecutor Brings Sodomy Charges

Datalounge, April 3, 2002

HILLSBORO, Mo.In the hopes of pressing charges against several adult video store patrons who were caught having sex on the premises during a police raid, authorities in Missouri have charged six gay men with sodomy violations, the St. Louis Post-Dispatch reports.

Under Missouri sodomy statutes, "deviate sexual intercourse with another person of the same sex" is a class B misdemeanor. Jefferson County prosecutor Bob Wilkins said that he was hesitant to use the controversial statute, but that its use in this case was necessary.

"It is not my intention to judge the conduct of consenting adults," Wilkins told the newspaper on Monday. He said prosecution on the statute was being used only to combat what he called "open and notorious" sexual activity at the video store.

"This is not about throwing homosexuals in jail," Wilkins said.

The men were arrested earlier this month in a raid on Award Video just outside of St. Louis. Those patrons who were arrested for having sex were in the pornographic theater area of the store at the time of the raid.

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