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Letter: Antiquated Laws

Kansas City Star, August 9, 1998
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The Aug. 4 Metro article on retiring State Rep. Glenn Hall was chilling. The fact that this man was ever in a position to effect laws was a shock to me. If homosexuality, adultery and abortion are criminal behavior, two-thirds of the country would be behind bars.

The very fact that in Missouri we still have an antiquated law against sodomy is an embarrassment, since most states have eliminated such laws because they are unenforced, unenforceable and blatantly religious in origin. Rhode Island got rid of its sodomy law in July, and Missouri and Kansas need to catch up. As a homosexual, I will continue to do what I want where I want whenever I want. My activity is not criminal except in the minds of people who have their noses buried in the Bible, unable to see reality.

While Rep. Hall will wait in vain for the second coming of Christ, he will have plenty of time to read Linda Bowles and Cal Thomas. I just pity those people who are going to support him financially. It is a relief to read that this guy is going out to pasture and will not be able to do much damage. He certainly has no power over me.

-- Richard D. Adams, Kansas City

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