Last edited: December 06, 2004

Letter: A Platform to Misinform

Minneapolis Star Tribune, May 27, 2001
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Once again (in your May 22 article on a ruling against the state’s sodomy law) the Minnesota Family Council has been allowed to misinform the public. The Family Council is not a "public policy group." It is an antigay group, having evolved from the old Berean League, formed years ago to attack St. Paul’s gay rights law.

Tom Pritchard, Family Council president, states that "sodomy is unhealthy across the board." This is not only untrue; it implies that vaginal intercourse cannot be unhealthy. The vast majority of HIV/ AIDS and STD cases on the planet were transmitted by heterosexual, penile/vaginal intercourse.

Pritchard also stated that the ruling could lead to protection for incest, drug use, prostitution, etc.

Pritchard has no apparent background in law or public health. Giving the Minnesota Family Council a platform for its misinformation in every story that affects the gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender community is not balanced journalism. It only gives free publicity to an organization of professional bigots who fight any law or public health initiative that protects the rights and lives of GLBT people.

— Rob Yaeger, Minneapolis

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